Pastor Thomas Yohannan is the senior pastor of True Light Christian Assembly from July 2017. Pastor Yohannan’s family came to the faith from an Orthodox Christian background, but he had the privilege early on to know and worship God in spirit and truth. He was taking courses to prepare for his professional career but God had a different plan for him and called him into the ministry.    

He completed his theological education in India from New Theological College in Dehradun, and United Theological College in Bangalore, where he obtained his Bachelor of Theology and Bachelor of Divinity degrees respectively. He and his wife did a pioneer ministry work among the North Indians in the state of Bihar. There, he gave formal music lessons to children, which allowed them to have access to many homes, which would otherwise never let a Christian minister in. In Kerala and Karnataka, God also opened doors for Pastor Yohannan to serve in various existing churches of the Assemblies of God there. He was also able to gain a strong hands-on experience in ministering to people from different walks of Indian society, which included street vendors, slum dwellers, AIDS/HIV victims, and people from interior villages of India.

God enabled Pastor to have the opportunity to do further graduate study at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and to minister at the Church for the Nations, Geneva. This allowed him to meet even more people of different backgrounds, as well as have opportunities to travel to different countries in Europe. From 2007 he was teaching as well as functioning as the Academic Dean of Peniel Bible Seminary, Keezhillam.

From 2012 till June 2017 he was the senior pastor of International Assembly of God Warren, Michigan. He is an ordained minster of the Assemblies of God Michigan District.

He is married to Sybil and has two young boys Noel and Kevin.